It’s looking increasingly as though the planned Ryanair strikes on 25th and 26th July will go ahead and will affect aircraft at their bases in Belgium, Portugal and Spain. The company claim they have “done all they can.”

The airline has already cancelled 300 flights. If your flight has been cancelled, you will receive an email or text from Ryanair to let you know.

If you don’t receive a message, you should arrive at the airport and expect your flight to go ahead.

If your flight has been cancelled because of the Ryanair Strikes

If you have had a cancellation notice, you have three options:

1/ You can take a full refund – you will then be responsible for arranging a new flight if you still need to travel.

2/ You can re-book on a Ryanair flight for another date. Obviously, if you have accommodation booked, this may be a problem.

3/ You can ask to be “Re-routed.” Under EU legislation, you can ask the airline to book you onto another airline, at their expense, which will get you to your destination on the agreed day. The problem here is that there may not be many, or any seats available.

If you are already in Lanzarote

If you are already here and your return flight is cancelled, you have the same options as above, but additionally Ryanair are responsible for giving you accommodation and meals until they can get you home.

You can check flight availability here: Flights.