Update 8th September 2018.

Ryanair have now backtracked on one aspect of this change. They will now honour original bookings for people who made their booking before 31st August, for travel after 1st November. So, if you booked before the end of August and are travelling after 1st November, you will now be able to check in a 10KG bag for free.

Original Article 24th August 2018.

Ryanair have changed their hand luggage allowances again, effective 1st November. The airline, which flies more passengers to and from Lanzarote than any other, announced the new hand luggage allowances this week.

These affect you even if you have already booked a flight that departs after 1st November 2018 – but see the update above if you booked before 31st August. If affected, you’ll have the option to add priority boarding to your flight or take a cancellation with full refund.

Here are the new rules:

Non Priority Boarding Customers

Customers without priority boarding will only be allowed to bring one small bag into the cabin and it must fit under the seat in front of you. The maximum size is 40X20X25 CM. Note this is one bag only, so if you also carry a handbag, it will have to fit inside that one. This is a significant change, so if you have booked without priority, and assuming you want to take a wheelie bag bigger than those dimensions, you will need to either upgrade to priority or pay to have it put in the hold.

If you want to take a normal 10KG wheelie bag you can add that to your booking at £8 at the time of booking or £10 afterwards. It will be taken off you at check in, placed in the hold of the aircraft and you will collect it with other luggage in the baggage hall.

Priority Boarding Customers

As well as the small 40X20X25 bag, customers with priority boarding will be allowed to bring an additional 10KG wheelie case, and a further small bag, like a handbag, into the cabin. This hasn’t changed, so if you have booked with priority, you don’t need to worry.

Priority boarding costs £6 at the time of booking, and £8 afterwards. It’s worth noting that Ryanair only allow up to a maximum of 90 people to have priority boarding on their 180 seat 737’s.

Ryanair has said the reason for the change is that it will speed up boarding and improve their on time record, and that this change will affect around 40% of their customers, who will have to choose between paying to add their normal wheelie case to hold luggage, or booking priority.

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