We’ve had a water filter system at our house from Agua Clara for ten years. In that time, we’ve enjoyed clean, filtered water from the tap, and have saved ourselves a fortune by not buying bottled water, and we haven’t had to lug thousands of five litre water bottles from the drive to the house, and recycle them afterwards.

The team at Agua Clara now have a new product which looks superb, and it is cleverly called the Qettle. It’s a single tap for your kitchen which can deliver:

  • Boiling water at 100 degrees to make tea or coffee
  • Cold, filtered water ready to drink straight away
  • Normal hot and cold tap water


Having boiling water on tap isn’t just great for making cups of tea or coffee – it also means you can cook eggs, rice, pasta, noodles, or make stock, without waiting for the pan to come to the boil!

It does it all with the flick of a switch and from a single tap. The filter side uses Doulton’s famous ceramic filter system which has proved to work perfectly with Lanzarote’s desalinated water supply.

Contact Agua Clara for more details and prices:  Agua Clara.