We have a new business on the island offering a pool table recovering service.

Many bars and villas in Lanzarote offer pool tables for their guests – they’re often outdoors and take a battering from the sun and dust. It doesn’t take long for them to become damaged, bumpy and torn, which completely spoils the look and of course, the pleasure of playing!

Pool Table Recovering

A new team on the island are offering a service to restore the playing surface to “as new” condition, removing the old, damaged cloth and replacing it with top quality pool table cloth,

The recovering service includes:

  • Coming to your villa or bar
  • Removing old cloth and cleaning the slate bed
  • Fitting new cloth in your choice of colour to the table and cushions ensuring a smooth playing surface
  • Marking out the new cloth
  • Professional, fast service and they clean up afterwards!

Get in touch today by calling or Whatsapping:

Greg: +34 639 487 264

Tom +34 665 160 565