There is a new Exclusive Artisan Fayre staring in Biosfera Shopping Center with original and unique products by quality artists. It will be held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, split into two shifts: from 10h to 15:30h and from 16:30h to 22h. It started on Wednesday the 17th of July, 2019.

It’s organised by Hearts Lanzarote which is a new, exciting and innovative agency; born to revolutionise the prospect and future of arts and crafts in Lanzarote; born to revolutionise the perspective of art, meaning that Hearts Lanzarote wants artisans to stop devaluing their products by permitting people to sell mass produced or resale items next to them. They want a clear line between artisans and those who just buy in. So they change our own perspectives and they will change that of the public will too.

Artisan Fayre

The Exclusive Artisan Fayre is their first project, an amazing opportunity to show the island all the potential and creativity of many local artists. This will include free craft lessons, live arts, musical performances and many more surprises.


The free craft lessons for July and August are:
On weeks 1, 3 and 5, the workshop offered for all groups is “Painting stones to look like cacti”.
On weeks 2 and 4, the workshops offered are:
– for adults “Wine cork succulent Fridge Magnets”
– and for children and families “Painting cacti and camels with your hands”.

These will change monthly or every 6 weeks after that.

The times are scheduled as follows:
13h – adults
14h – adults
15h – children
16h – families
17h – children
18h – adults

Places are limited to small groups of 6. Booking is required by WhatsApp on +034 648 864 653.


There will be live music also from 11:30h to 13:15. At the moment the acts for the first two market days have been confirmed:
On Wednesday, 17th: Pete Tilbury
On Saturday, 20th: Dúo Tabona

Also, with every purchase you get the chance to enter a prize draw of free gifts that the artist themselves are giving away.

At the end of each Fayre Day there will be a live stream where the winner will be announced.

Hearts Lanzarote are always open to add artists with passion and extravagance to their family. For any more information, please follow their page on Facebook  or WhatsApp on +034 648 864 653.

There is a quote by Paul Klee that Heart Lanzarote Founders, Tammy (an artist herself) and her husband Andrea aspire to: “Art does not reflect what is seen, rather it makes the hidden visible”.

So pop down to the Biosfera Shopping Center to the Artisan Fayre and see how many hidden visible arts you can enjoy!