A group of local business owners in the islands have got together and submitted a claim to The Supreme Court in Gran Canaria, claiming irregularities and illegalities in the rules in place for nightlife in the islands, which were introduced after covid cases increased during August.

Ben Morris, an established businessman with various affected businesses on the island of Lanzarote is the spokesperson and instigator behind the claim presented.

Ben Morris said “Clearly, our fundamental rights have been violated and our already struggling businesses, unlawfully discriminated against”

The official boletin which updates the rules was issued on 21st August and required nightclubs and discotheques to close completely, while allowing businesses which offer a food service to remain open.

The group are unhappy that the nightlife sector has been targeted, when all the information we have suggests that the increased transmission is taking place at large gatherings in private, rather than public establishments.

Ben explained. “The reasons why we have taken the action we have is that after following all the official rules to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus, adhering to costly safety guidelines set and extra cleaning protocols protecting not only our patrons as well as staff, we know and believe that our sector is safer than private events and gatherings where is it unlikely the measures we take are carried out. As an example, one of the licences for one of our establishments, allows us to open to the public from 5pm and in line with the rest of the other businesses could remain operative, until midnight, but as we are not offering food, we cannot open. This is a direct violation of our licence and its usage”

We’ll update here when we find out the outcome of the case.

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