Listen To The Band

We reported last week on these pages about a magical play that was performed in Uga on the Eve Of Canaries Day. It was wonderful to see hundreds of people turn out for what was really a dramatization, with many comedic effects, of the history of Lanzarote.
On Canaries Day itself, each local ´council´ presented its own schedule of celebrations.

Our home town of Playa Blanca lies in the boundaries of Yaiza, an area taking full advantage of the Yaiza Municipal Band, so we headed down into town early in the morning to join a large crowd of local people, and even tourists, ready and waiting for the band to begin to play.

This they did after a short and positive welcoming speech from Oscar Noda, the Mayor of the Borough.  Even for us as ´new´ residents it was an emotional moment when he invited the band to play an anthem in tribute of Lanzarote. As the music began some ladies and gentlemen in national costume slowly raised the three flags and just as the anthem finished the flags unfurled and fluttered in a blustery breeze.

We had already seen a couple of concerts by Yaiza Municipal Band earlier in the year playing some up tempo and familiar music from stage, recordings and cinema, but today’s play-list was slightly more temperate.

The populist highlight was a rendition of Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps, a song recorded as  “Quizás, quizás, quizás”, sometimes known simply as “Quizás” (Latin American Spanish: [kiˈsas]; “Perhaps”). This popular song was written by Cuban songwriter Osvaldo Farrés, who wrote the music and original Spanish lyrics for the song which first became a hit for Bobby Capó in 1947.

Doris Day recorded Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps on Nov. 5, 1964 for her Latin For Lovers album. It became a radio favourite and when released as a single was a big hit.

The song “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” also featured in the 2021 Disney live-action film Cruella.

Throughout their performance the Yaiza Municipal Band were given appreciative and generous applause by a standing crown of around 300 people. In fact, this section Calle Limones, was a hive of activity. There were press photgraphers taking their photographs for the print media and perhaps, too, for on line placements. There was a television crew from Lancelot Digital conducting interviews with politicians and players alike, to be shown on tv news later in the day. Between his interviews the Mayor was gladhanding the folk in the crowd. In this time of European elections he also approached tourists and introduced himself and extolled the virtues of our island.

This all took place a fortnight ago, now, and here we are in the middle of June. This year is already six months old and in that six months I have seen more arts event, concerts, exhibitions, plays, readings and dance, than I would have been able to see in six years in the UK, with its long distance drives and prohibitive ticket prices, and poor wealth.

In 2024 we have seen more than twenty free concerts, open air performances, and ad hoc festivals all of excellent quality.

And on Canaries Day when their concert was over, Yaiza Municipal Band packed up their tubas and their trumpets and strolled a bit higher up the street for a couple of hundred yards and unfolded their seats and played all over again, their instruments glinting in the sun.

Their space at the bottom of Calle Limones had now been taken by a folk lore group of timples and strings and vocals.

The group followed the band, just out of hearing distance and they and the strolling buskers of Yaiza Municipal Band strolled the length of the street, playing short sets in appropriate places throughout the morning.

What a life!

  • Agua Clara