We’d been told about 24 Grados (degrees) by several readers, so we were looking forward to trying it with friends recently.

Let’s start by giving the restaurant it’s full name – Restaurante Veinticuatrogrados. It’s called 24 degrees because that’s a very comfortable air temperature and is a good average temperature in both The Canaries and the north coast of Peru.

The cuisine is fusion – combining classic Peruvian food with Chinese, Japanese, Mediterranean, Italian and Creole. The result is fabulous, as you’ll read, but more importantly it’s really different! There are too many restaurants in the resort areas of the island that offer basically the same menu, but 24 Grados didn’t have a single dish we’ve seen elsewhere.

We decided to order a selection of Makis to share as starters. These are like sushi, but with a twist. The first was served rolled in crispy fried crumb, the second with a delicate fruit sauce. Each order of Maki comes with 8 pieces, so there’s plenty to share. The flavours are delicate and delicious, and they are served with ginger, wasabe and soy sauce. The table’s favourite was the Taki Maki Fural – this was the breaded one, stuffed with salmon and cream cheese, and a creole sauce.

As it was a Peruvian restaurant, we really wanted to try a Ceviche, so we ordered one as a sort of in-between course. There are several to choose from, but we went for the Ceviche 24 (they spell it cebiche, by the way.) This was in a house sauce, and the very delicate prawn and Octopus were as expected – soft flesh and super sharp sauce. For those who don’t know, ceviche is a dish made with fish that has been pickled in flavoured lemon or lime juice.

For our main courses two of us went for Tacu Tacu de mariscos, and two for a plancha mixta en estilo anitcuchero. The first was a dish of refried beans that looked a little like an omelette, and was smothered in prawns and calamari is a slightly spicy sauce. The seafood and sauce was delicious, the bean bed was tasty but I found it a little stodgy.

The plancha mixta was a huge portion of cubed chicken and sirloin steak, cooked in a wok and served in a creole sauce, accompanied by a very delicate rice, with a  hint of garlic. Fabulous quality meat, well cooked and a large portion. I’d have liked the sauce to be a little spicier, but I dare say you can ask.

All of us went for desserts – the apple crumble was superb, presented beautifully and full of spice. The chocolate cake was bland and dry, although the ice cream served with it was very nice. And the ball of ice cream with an espresso poured over it was a good idea. I didn’t taste the cheesecake, which was remiss of me!

The service was excellent – young, well dressed waiting staff, who were always there at the right moment.

The restaurant is ultra modern in design. It’s basically a glass cube, with very cool resin coated concrete flooring, nice tables and cutlery, and proper linen on the tables.

The cost was €50 a head, but I think we ordered too much food. That included two bottles of wine and we all had coffees. Discussing it on the way home, next time we visit, we’ll order another dish of maki and another ceviche, skip the main course altogether and eat Peruvian fusion “tapas style.”

As I said at the top, it’s so good to find somewhere new and different to eat, and 24 Grados is a very welcome addition to the gastro scene in Costa Teguise, which is emerging as an excellent resort for foodies these days.

Restaurante 24 Grados is in Calle Las Olas in Costa Teguise, opposite Fund Grube. Their phone number is 928 59 23 82.

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