Bistro Arbol is a well established plant based restaurant in Puerto del Carmen it’s situated in the heart of the resort and run by a lovely Belgian couple, who are determined to put their plant based menu on the foodie map in Lanzarote.

Bistro Arbol Falafel

I was having lunch with a vegan friend, so we decided to try a selection of vegan dishes, tapas style.

Their funky falafel served with a spicy tomato salsa, was stunning. I love falafel and this was one of the best examples I’ve tasted. It was light and crispy, with a moist filling and the piece didn’t disintegrate when dipping into the sauce.

We got chatting with the owners, Davy is the chef and Miet runs the front of house, the couple have moved recently to the island, they already have family living here, and have visited many times before making the move.

Bistro Arbol Lentil & carrot spread

The lentil and carrot spread was really tasty, packed full of flavour. We also tried the daily special which was filo pastry parcels with tofu, spinach and white cabbage, served with a sour sauce and salad – this was good, but it didn’t wow us like the other two dishes had. To drink we ordered the house lemonade with ginger, which was really refreshing and served with a sprig of fresh mint.

Bistro Arbol Vegan Cake

I really shouldn’t have, but when prompted for desserts I ordered the chocolate cake! I completely blame my friend who asked for the crepes as a rare treat. I also loved the plates the food was served on throughout our meal, there’s a homely feel to the bistro’s decor with potted plants and plenty of cushions.

I asked about the record player and box of vinyls at the front of the restaurant. Apparently Uncle Willy had given the couple a collection of 500+ records, and they’re enjoying bringing a selection in each week to spin on the deck. Good music is one of the key points of Bistro Árbol as is special beers, fine wines and a vegetarian menu.

Bistro Arbol Vinyl Tunes

Bistro Árbol is a vegetarian restaurant, all of their food is plant based. They are currently open Tuesday to Sunday from 12:30 to 22:00 (closed on Mondays), but are still finding their feet and may adjust their opening times according to clientele.

You can find them in C.C. Playa Blanca which is the plaza by the Fariones.

Tel: 928 51 03 03

NB. Please note that we do not get paid or receive free food for our food reviews, nor do we alert the restaurant in advance or during our meal. We simply eat and if we’ve enjoyed it, we’ll share our experience with you.

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