Problems At Airport

Nine flights were unable to land at the airport on Monday this week, and diverted to other islands. This lead to almost 24 hour delays for people waiting for the outbound flights. The diversions were caused by wind direction and low cloud. Here’s an explanation of what happens at Lanzarote Airport from time to time: Lanzarote Airport Problems.

We took the image above at the airport this morning.

Cultural Centres Move Away From Plastic

Lanzarote’s 7 official attractions will be removing plastic water bottles from their cafés and restaurants, saving about 80,000 bottles a year from having to be recycled.

New Speed Cameras On LZ2

Four speed cameras on the old LZ2 road, which runs parallel to the main road into and out of Playa Blanca, went active this week.

They are average speed cameras and the speed limit on this road is 60KMH. The road is designated a “Via Ciclista,” with the dual aim of getting cyclists off the main road and giving them a safe environment to enjoy their sport.

Average speed cameras record your average speed over the total distance, which means there is no point in slowing for the cameras and then accelerating afterwards. The road has been used when the main road is busy, by motorists travelling at high speed to “overtake” a line of traffic.

If you’re using the road, enjoy it at 60KMH.

Tragic Drowning At Famara

Forty year old journalist Arturo Escarda lost his life on Famara beach last Friday. It appears he tried to help four other swimmers who got into difficulty and became unconscious. He was pulled from the water by emergency services, who administered CPR, but they were unable to revive him. The island’s helicopter was scrambled, and they were able to locate the other four swimmers, one of whom was taken to hospital.

Yellow Rain Warning For Thursday

AEMET has issues a yellow warning for heavy rain on the island on Thursday, with up to 20 Litres of rain per hour expected. Two thousands sand bags are being distributed in Arrecife to help prevent shops being flooded.

Average Income Highest In Teguise

Using tax declarations to establish an average income per inhabitant, Teguise came out on top on the island, with just over €25,000 and Haria second with just under €23,000. Yaiza has the lowest average income on the island at €20,657.

Heavy Rain Causes Airport Issues

The heavy rain arrived as expected on Thursday and lead to several road accidents and problems at the airport. Aircraft were able to land normally here, but other islands, particularly Gran Canaria were unable to land all aircraft, which caused congestion in the airspace around the islands, leading to departure delays for aircraft incoming from northern Europe. Part of the roof of terminal 2 was also damaged by the rain.