New Paris Flights

TUI Fly has announced new direct flight to Paris from Lanzarote, which is already operational, flying every Friday until March 28th, and then starting up again in October 2020. The first flight landed last Friday, with a traditional ceremony with music to welcome travellers.

Jellyfish Return

Jellyfish have been washed ashore on several beaches of the island over the weekend. It’s thought the unusually warm waters for this time of year, combined with very light winds, are the blame. The species is Portuguese Caravel.

Statistics Institute Predicting “Difficult” First Quarter

ISTAC, the Canarian statistics institute are predicting occupancy levels of between 69% and 74% in the first quarter of 2020, a significant drop on 2019’s levels. Their research suggests a significant fall in visitors from UK and Scandinavia, and also that the sector which will suffer the most is less expensive accommodation – 4 and 5 star hotels are reporting stronger bookings.

Stay Of Execution For Telamon

Telamon, the shipwreck between Arrecife and Costa Teguise, was due to be scrapped and removed in the next few months. However, the company awarded the contract by The Spanish Navy has failed to provide the necessary credentials to carry out the project, so the tender has been withdrawn. It’s not known at this stage if a new tender process will be held.  Read the story of The Telamon.

Cement Demand In 2019 Was The Highest Of The Decade

Demand for cement on the island reached a ten year peak in 2019, suggesting new construction is well and truly underway following the recession at the start of the decade.

LGBTI Celebration In Yaiza

The Mayor of Yaiza, Óscar Noda, has announced a new event , Yaiza Simply Love, which will run from 22nd to 27th April. A programme of the events planned will come out soon and will focus on “Culture, equality and inclusion.”

Epic Walk By Norwegian Seniors!

Six Norwegian senior citizens have walked all around Lanzarote, mostly on tracks along the sea front.

They started in Puerto the Carmen, and walked to Femes, Playa Blanca, then to the salt facility in La Hoya, the  continued around the island.

The hardest leg climbing 600 meters up and then down to Haría. From Haría to Orzola, and further on passing Arrieta, Mala, Los Coceteros to Los ncones.

The last of the ten legs was finished on Tuesday 21 of January , from Arrecife toPuerto del Carmen, the start point.

When the six men walked along the Avenida in Puerto the Carmen the were met by several Norwegians with flags.

They walked 168 km, and they certainly deserved the party at Hi Life restaurant after the finish.

Previously,  the same group walked Lanzarote from Orzola to Playa Blanca – 75 km as well as tackling shorter routes like Tenesar to Puerto de Carmen.

Workshops To Support Integration Of Immigrants

Schoolchildren on the island are learning, in a series of workshops, about the cultural diversity of Lanzarote. These workshops are aimed at helping the integration of immigrants to the island from many countries including Morocco, Colombia and the UK. Currently 22% of the population of Arrecife was born outside of Spain.

2019 Rainfall Desperately Low

The total rainfall on the island during 2019 was just one third of the amount the previous year, and was the third driest year this century. It rained on just 37 days during the year, with half of the rainfall being concentrated in March and December.

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