Underwater Museum Numbers

Less than 5% of the divers who visited Lanzarote last year dived at the Museo Atlantico in Playa Blanca. A total of 8, 729 divers visited the underwater attraction in 2017.

Arrecife Letters Can Stay

The giant letters spelling out “Arrecife,” located by the Las Bolas bridge in the city can remain in place, according to the Patrimonio departments, despite the fact that no permission was sought for their placement.

Lanzarote Chef Wins Best In Canaries Contest

Lanzarote chef, Joao Henrique Faraco, who works at The Harbour View Restaurant in Playa Blanca, has won the 14th edition of The Canaries Absolute Cooking Championship. His winning dish was “Beef tenderloin in salted praline, served with a vegetable broth and sweet potato”. As well as a trophy, Joao won €1500.

Draft Of New Letting Law Released……

A new draft of a proposed holiday letting law has been released, you can read it here: Letting law.

…ASCAV Heavily Critical

The property owners association, ASCAV, has heavily criticised the new draft, suggesting it has taken three years to produce what is effectively the same legislation introduced previously. They go on to say this is the most limiting legislation of it’s kind proposed in Spain, and cite the loss of 6% in tourist numbers in Mallorca following something similar.

Road Closures This Saturday

For the first time in the event’s history, all roads being used for the Ironman bike route will be closed during the event. This could lead to significant delays and diversions, so allow more time for any travel, and if you are due to transfer to the airport on the day, check your pick up location. The most “cut off” part of the island appears to be the North, with travel to and from Orzola, Haria, Arrieta and Punta Mujeres looking like it will be difficult during the middle part of the day. You can see all the road closures here: Ironman Lanzarote Road Closures 2018.