Immigrant Boat With Hashish Comes Ashore In La Graciosa

A patera carrying 6 people and about 300 Kilos of Hashish came ashore on Playa La Concha in La Graciosa this week. Guardia Civil transferred the people and drugs to Arrecife, where one of the passengers was taken to hospital suffering an infection.

Consorcio Had A Busy Year

The consortium of emergency services (fire, ambulance and rescue) had a busy year in 2017, attending over 1200 incidents, an 11% increase of 2016. The most common type of incident was fires in garbage containers, which accounted for 255 call outs. There were 180 call outs to road accidents, 124 for home or office fires and 115 rescue operations. In total, there were also 76 false alarms.

Sales Begin On 7th January

The official January sales start on 7th January, the day after Kings, and will last though the remainder of the month. Shops in Arrecife are already displaying signs suggesting discounts of anything from 30% to 70%.

Unemployment In Lanzarote Drops To Pre Crisis Levels

Unemployment on the island fell by a further 1.05% in December, to bring the total to below the levels before the recession. The total number of registered unemployed on the island stood at 11,849 at year end.

90 Cruise Ships Expected

150,000 passengers aboard 90 ships are expected to arrive in Lanzarote between now and the end of March. Several of the ships are expected several times during the quarter, including Aida Prima, which will visit four times, with 3,300 passengers aboard.