New Apartment Complex In Puerto Calero Approved

Approval has been given by The Canarian Government for a new 4 star apartment complex to be built in Puerto Calero with 26 accommodation units. No details have been given about the promoter and the build has yet to be approved by the Lanzarote Cabildo.

More than 1100 road accidents in Lanzarote in 2017

The total number of road accidents on the island hit an all time annual high during December – reaching over 1000 in a year for the first time. The safety consortium cited use of mobile phones while driving as a key factor.

20,000 Cruise Tourists On The Island This Week

A total of more than 20,000 cruisers will be in Lanzarote this week, on 11 ships. On both Wednesday and Thursday, there are three ships in Arrecife at a time.

Diver Loses His Life At Museo Atlantico

A British man died while diving Museo Atlantico off the coast of Playa Blanca this week. The 61 year old, a resident of Tias, surfaced after suffering pains during his dive. He was taken aboard a rescue boat, but suffered a cardiac arrest. Despite being given CPR by the rescuers, he was pronounced dead when he was brought back to shore and met by emergency services.

Foreign Tourist Arrested For “Fake” Crime

A 21 year old foreigner was arrested at the airport this week. He had reported the theft of a rucksack containing cash and items to the value of €4,000 two days earlier in Tinajo. Police were suspicious that it might be an insurance fraud and asked security guards at the airport to check his belongings as he went through security. He was carrying the rucksack and most of the items listed as stolen.

Canary Islands Brexit Commission

The Canary Islands Brexit commission has released a statement saying that forward holiday bookings from the UK remain strong, despite the loss of seats after the demise of Monarch. Around 33% of all tourists to the islands are from Britain. The Canaries also export produce to the UK, and there has been a 20% reduction in those exports, reflecting the weakness of Sterling. They also pointed out that there are around 27,000 UK citizens living in the islands, many of whom rely on UK pensions, whose spending power has been significantly impacted.