New Weather Tech For Islands

Weather reports for the islands are often inaccurate as they use modelling that doesn’t work effectively for a small land mass in a huge ocean. In a bid to make them more accurate, the Canarian Government are investing €600,000 to install sensors in all the islands, which will help provide more localised forecasting. The new sensors will feed data to 27 micro weather stations.

Hang Glider Dies

At this time of year, the island always welcomes hang gliders and parascenders from all over Europe. Sadly, 32 year old Toni Armengol, a firefighter from Andorra, lost his life this week in a crash. He was an expert pilot and had been competing at the Canarian Championships. He had taken on from Las Nieves, and his crew reported him missing when he failed to arrive at the planned landing site. The cause of the crash is not known.

La Graciosa Ferries Suspended

The ferry service to and from La Graciosa was suspended for several hours on Wednesday due to high winds and a huge swell, effectively cutting the island off. They resumed late afternoon.

Haria welcomes surge in holiday rentals

The town of Haria has seen a large increase in homes for holiday rental, and mayor Marci Acuña has said that it has had a positive effect on the area, with once dilapidated homes being restored to earn an income, and more tourists spending time and money in the town. In another initiative, the mayor is seeking to have the town centre declared a historic zone.

Chambermaids plan strikes

Chambermaids in Canaries hotels are threatening strike action on 25th December and 1st January in a bid to improve their working conditions.

BMW Launches i8 Roadster In Lanzarote

BMW used the iconic road at El Golfo to film promotional video and images of the new i8 roadster. The roadster is the soft top version of BMW’s hybrid supercar. You can see video here: