Largest Shopping Centre On Island For Arrecife

A new shopping centre is being built on the site of the old canning factory, opposite the city’s sports centre. Building work will take just over two years and the result will be a 32,000 M2 shopping centre with underground parking for 900 cars.

Crime Increase

Crime in Lanzarote increased by 10% over the last 12 months, according to Lanzarote’s data center. A total of 1844 crimes were recorded versus 1673 in the previous period. Robberies increased the most, but robberies with violence showed a decrease. There were two serious crimes on the island, both recorded as attempted murder.

Protest about street market licences in Teguise

Local artisans and farmers protested this week about the delay in issuing their new licences, saying it had now been six months since they were forced to register as self employed and take out civil liability insurance in order to re-apply for their licences. Their gripe is that the ayuntamiento have delayed issuing their new licences, and they have now been without work for six months, while paying their new premiums.

Taxis in other areas called in the help with cruise ships

We have strange law here in Lanzarote that only allows taxi drivers to pick up fares in their own municipality. This means taxis from Playa Blanca, dropping a customer at the airport, must drive back to the south without a fare. The Cabildo has announced however, an agreed suspension of this law, which will allow taxis from any municipality to collect passengers from cruise ships on busy days. Today, for example, there are five ships in dock and a total of 16,000 passengers, so taxis from all of the island are on hand to take passengers wherever they want to go.

Call to expedite harbour expansion in Playa Blanca

The port authority has urged contractors to get the Playa Blanca harbour extension finished as soon as possible. Currently, there is room for 4 cruise ships in Arrecife, and on days like today, a 5th ship has to be put into the container port berthing, which isn’t ideal for passengers and also means goods cannot be unloaded from incoming container ships. The opening of Playa Blanca will give options for more ships to visit the island, but also make it possible to dock during periods of high wind and swells.

Grandparents Bola Canaria Championships

A huge event is being held on Arrieta Beach with 800 grandparents (over 60’s) competing in a special bowls contest. A total of 69 male and 67 female teams took part in the first round yesterday, organised by the Island Sports Service under the title “Abuelos conejeros.”

Irish travel agents make Lanzarote “Best sun destination” again

For the 14th consecutive year, Irish travel agents have voted Lanzarote their number one sun destination. Around 240,000 Irish people visit the island each year, an astonishing number for a country with a population of just 4.7 million.

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