Searching for sand

Tias Ayuntamiento has commissioned a survey ship to find areas of sand off the coast, which can be dredged up to re-stock the sand on Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen. The town hall are also putting out to tender works to improve the breakwater on the beach in a bid to stop swells taking the sand away in future.

Unions asking for end to duty free status

The Canary Islands are an anomaly in Europe as we are the only region with duty free tobacco and alcohol products, which means no duty is collected by the government on sales of those products here. Two unions CC OO and UGT are campaigning to end the duty free status, suggesting that the €50 million which would be collected in duty could be used for social budgets. The unions are also suggesting that the current limits on duty free goods (50 cigars per person, for example, instead of 200 for other travel within Europe) is adversely affecting the tobacco industry of the islands.

New “Active Tourism” law comes into effect in February

A new law, Decree 226/2017 Activo Turismo, comes into effect next February and will affect businesses operating in the active tourism market – for example businesses in the hiking, surfing, scuba diving and kayaking sectors. They will now need liability insurance and all staff must have a qualification recognised in Spain and be able to speak Spanish to level B1.

RORC Transatlantic Race starts Saturday

The RORC transatlantic sailing race starts on Saturday and currently the 23 yachts competing are berthed at Marina Lanzarote in Arrecife. It’s a record field this year with boats from 9 nations competing in the 3,000 mile race which finishes in Grenada.

Astronauts on the island

Astronauts from The European Space Agency have been training on the island again this week. Wearing their space suits, they have been practicing collecting specimins, using Lanzarote’s unique landscape as a simulation of other planets. They have also been using a planetary rover vehicle in Timanfaya to practice driving.

Two men arrested for forcibly trying to evict a tenant

Two foreign men were arrested in Playa Blanca by the Guardia Civil while trying to forcibly evict a tenant and her baby. The men were equipped with tools to change the locks and pepper spray. One man identified himself as the owner of the property.

Black Friday comes to Arrecife

Shops in Arrecife are to have sales this coming Friday and Saturday, following the American tradition of starting the festive season with a “Black Friday.”