E-Ship Delivers Windmills

The E-Ship Enercon 1 delivered new windmills for Lanzarote’s wind farm project to the island this week. Enercon is a “clean energy” ship and has four rotor sails, which connect to the propellors and provide additional motive power.

British Tourism In Canaries Up 5.7%

This year 5.3 million Brits will have visited the islands, up 5.7% on 2016, a total of 32% of all tourists.  Their spend will total €4,500 million, contributing 10,000 jobs in the tourism sector. These figures were released as part of a speech by Canary Islands President Fernando Clavijo at World Travel Market in London this week. He also used the speech to mention that plans are already in place with other airlines to take up the slack with the loss of 500,000 seats with Monarch.

Pedro San Ginés Also At World Travel Market

Lanzarote’s Cabildo President, Pedro San Ginés was also at the show. Lanzarote is even more dependent on British tourism than the rest of the islands – more than half our visitors are from the UK.  He was keen to get a feel for how Brexit might affect the market in the UK, and wants to maintain good links with British tour operators, while exploring new markets for the island.

Endesa Fighting Fraudulent Electrical Connections

Electricity company Endesa has uncovered more than 60 cases of electrical fraud on the island so far this year. Having overhead electrical lines on much of the island means it is relatively easy to “tap into” cables illegally. They estimate more than 500,000KW of electricity was being illegally used in the cases discovered.

Guardia Civil Now Equipped With Portable Radar

DGT has invested over €800,000 across The Canary Islands in portable laser radar equipment, which can be carried on motorbikes. The portable devices can be quickly set up anywhere. The Director of the DGT quoted 300 road deaths per year in The Canaries, which are attributable to excess speed.

48% Increase In new Mortgages

Between January and August, a total of 1120 mortgages were signed in Lanzarote, up 48% on the same period in 2016. Whilst it shows the housing market getting stronger on the island, we are still a long way off from the the pre crisis numbers. In 2006, almost 8,500 mortgages were signed.

Playa Chica Closed

Playa Chica in Puerto del Carmen has been closed because of a bad water quality test result. The closure is a precaution while the tests are examined in detail at a laboratory. The waters on Lanzarote’s beaches are frequently tested for water quality and contaminants. It is expected to re-open on Friday.