Lanzarote Knows How To Celebrate



As the Mayor of the municipality had been re-elected only the day before with a somewhat overwhelming 93% majority, and that today was the first of a new government of the island on the eve of Canaries Day, there was a pretty euphoric atmosphere in the Plaza Los Remedios  in the centre of Yaiza on Monday 29th May 2023.

Free seating for around a hundred had been laid out in front of the stage, with a dance-performance area in between. The tables were brightly clothed and decorated and each seated around ten people. All other seats,  of steps, park benches and boulder like stones were taken too, Not surprisingly, as they were serving free drinks and food, the bar tents were doing a roaring trade. There were long queues of couples and families in national costume at the service points behind the arena,

The tables filled up and no one looked aghast at these two cheeky English people taking two first come first served chairs at one of the round tables. From there we looked Down the plaza to ´loyal friends and front row dancers´ as the late John Stewart called them in his song, The Last Hurrah.

Toddlers were entranced by the stage lights as parents and grandparents were entranced by the sunset. All new arrivals into the arena were invariably engulfed in hugs and smothered in kisses as is the Spanish way.

The dances here always remind me of Cajun dance moves and there was quite a bit of whirling and swirling around the relatively small dance floor, — or concreted ground as we would think of it in England.

The band on stage was a six piece, occasionally seven piece, band that delivered up tempo feel good sounds, in Spanish,  The music was whizzed along by some castanet like clackers and a fine accordion player, with support on lead guitar and bass. The voices were expressive and excelled not only in the ´rock´ songs but also on the folk-lorish ballads sometimes delivered.

This was the first staged concert of the night and much as we would have loved to see the second we had to head a way back home for the Masterchef programme. The four finalists were in Istanbul, learning about Turkish cuisine and its fusions with other continents and countries. It all looked fantastic and according to the two main presenters, it tasted fantastic too. 

Michelin Star it may not have been, but the little Spanish tapas in plastic boxes matched it for sure, and all was washed down with a can of non-alcoholic. 


Comfortable with a grand name and playing in pride of place in the busiest part of Playa Blanca, this ensemble was, of course, the real reason we had left the previous night´s concerts rather early. A ten a.m. start down near the town roundabout, now adorned by Cintia Machin´s wonderful fishing boat arts intervention, was about five minutes away when we arrived. Of course, this being a day of National celebration, governmental change and a bank holiday´, that five minutes stretched to twenty. That was no worry, though; The Daily Mail had arrived early at the nearby Spar, and the delay gave me time to read it from cover to cover missing out only the circa sixty two pages about Phil Sackedfield and Holly Whocares. I was also slowed down slightly by trying to read the paper one-handed whilst enjoying a Magnum iced lolly with the other.

There were politicians and television cameras in close proximity and interviews were taking place with all sorts of politicians in National dress. 

The band struck up to coincide with raising of The Canary Island flags which, even to we who are residents here of only seven or eight years, somehow felt important and provided a hair on the back the neck moment. A vigourous and melodic and anthemic piece seemed perfectly selected.

The ensemble playing was all from the same page and sounded mighty fine but a couple of soloists also stepped forward and delivered impressively. 

A good guide to the quality of the performance was that people walking into the vicinity stayed to listen rather hurrying on to wherever they had been heading.,

There were other musical performances along Calle Limones that took place throughout the afternoon, and similarly attracted wide attention and seemed to be well received by residents and tourists alike.


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