Update 27/2/2018

The weather is back to normal in Lanzarote, winds moderated yesterday at around midday, and the airport is operating normally once again.

We’re aware of a Thomas Cook flight which remains in Fuerteventura – the passengers were put up in a hotel last night and are expected to be flown here later today. There may be delays and disruptions for a few days as aircraft and crews get back onto their original schedules.

The weather in Lanzarote has caused 27 flights due in on Sunday 25th February to divert, leaving thousands of passengers who were due to go home stranded, and others waiting to start their holiday stuck in other Canarian airports.

Aircraft have been diverted to Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria, some after several attempts to land here. Two aircraft diverted to Morocco. The issue, which affected both international and inter-islands flights was caused by a combination of a strong southerly wind and low cloud, making the approach impossible.

There is no instrument landing system on the runway in use when we have a southerly wind, so pilots must be able to see the runway at a critical “decision” height. If cloud obscures their view, they must abort the landing.

Both Tenerife airports and La Palma airport were also closed for some time by the storm.

You can follow real time arrivals and departures here:

Here’s a more detailed explanation of why this happens: Why flights can’t land at Lanzarote Airport.

The airport was kept open all night for the stranded passengers, and it is hoped that with the wind moderating this morning, most will be able to travel today.

There may be a knock on effect for a few days as aircraft and crews will have to reposition in order to run their normal schedules.

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