We know some readers prefer the flexibility offered by booking.com when booking accommodation on the island. Although they don’t offer ATOL protection, they do offer “pay on arrival” options and “no deposit” options without cancellation fees. But do check before booking that you have chosen the correct options.

Booking.com have over a million properties around the world on their books, so they offer a wide choice of property here, ranging from cheap and cheerful apartments, to 5 star hotels.

They also have an effective review engine on the website, so you can instantly review what other people have said about a particular property, and their search is excellent if you want to be close a specific area – each property will show the distance from the place you searched for.

The company was started in Holland in 1997, and was acquired by the American Priceline group in 2005. The website books an incredible 1.2 million hotel nights every day.

If you read reviews of booking.com, you’ll see they have some issues in terms of customer service, and remember when booking with them that they don’t offer really offer any “real person” support or protection if things go wrong.

We’d always advise booking through an ABTA travel agent, like us! But if you need the option to be able to cancel at short notice, then you might occasionally have the need to use a website like theirs.


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