Here’s How With Co Co Lingua

Co Co Lingua have been established for several years on the island at their base in Yaiza, in the south of Lanzarote.

Their approach to language learning is a little different to most language schools, because they focus on fun while learning, and combine classroom sessions with practical stuff, like cooking, sharing meals, visiting attractions and much more.

This inclusive style of learning means students get a much deeper grasp of the language, and also they are able to understand much more about the culture of Lanzarote and the people of the island.

They have a small and enthusiastic team of teachers, and encourage a feeling of “family” for everyone attending.

Learning to speak Spanish will open up a whole new experience for you in Lanzarote, giving you the chance  to get to know how the island ticks and to make many more new friends. We’d encourage any readers who live here, and those who visit the island regularly to invest some time in doing so.

Co Co Lingua have produced a video, which shows how they work and will give you a feel for what it’s like to learn with them:

Find out much more about their courses at their website: Co Co Lingua Lanzarote.