There’s a new attraction in Lanzarote! Island Quest Escape Rooms is now open in Playa Blanca, and they’re offering a fabulous hour’s entertainment to visitors and residents of the island.

In case you don’t know what an escape room is, in simple terms, you are locked into a room and given a series of clues to follow which will ultimately lead to you unlocking the door and escaping.

They currently have two rooms open, and a third planned. The first is Project: Atlantis, where ytou need to find the lost city of Atlantis and the second is Dino Heist, where the objective is to gather Dino DNA.

The rooms at Island Quest cater for up to 6 people (4 on Dino Heist), but couples are very welcome, and the puzzles will also appeal to children from around 11 years and upwards, so it’s ideal for families.

Before entering the room, you are thoroughly briefed, and you watch a presentation which explains how best to approach the task, and which also sets up the back story. The various props are simply brilliant and there’s a huge sense of satisfaction when you figure something out.

The rooms are air conditioned, and there are monitors inside which flash up your current time, and clues are shown on the screen from time to time, which are useful if you’re struggling.

Island Quest are located at Centro Comercial El Pueblo, Calle Buganvillas in Playa Blanca. The shopping centre is at the Eastern end of Playa Blanca, close to the Sandos Papagayo Hotel. There’s plenty of free parking if you are going in your own car, but it’s also on the circular bus route for Playa Blanca – just jump onto a Line 30 bus (interior line.) The centre has bars and restaurants so you can enjoy a drink or a coffee before your escape.

Prices start at €55 for a couple and go up to €95 for a party of six. Your party has exclusive use of the room – you won’t be matched up with strangers.

We did Project: Atlantis as a couple and thoroughly enjoyed the experience – you become really immersed in the challenge and lose all track of time.

The booking system is very simple to use and you pre-book via their website. You’ll get detailed instructions on how to get there and when to arrive for your session.

All the information is at their website: Island Quest Lanzarote