What is holistic therapy?

Holistic therapy is for the well being of the whole person, the belief is that if you nurture your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional sides of your body, you will be in balance and therefore good health. An illness is seen as an imbalance / impurity in the body and this can be corrected by proper nutrition and non-invasive therapy treatments using natural remedies.

Many people would consider a massage a beauty treatment and should only be an occasional treat but it’s important for your well being to take time out for you to keep fit and healthy. It’s common for clients only to turn to holistic therapy when conventional medicines and treatments have failed to help relieve their symptoms of chronic illness and stress.

What kind of treatments can you expect?

Reflexology – so much more than a foot massage, your therapist will know how you are feeling just from your feet! A course of 4-6 treatments can relieve migraine, aches & pain, sleeplessness, digestion problems, poor circulation, symptoms of the menopause and much more.

Reiki – hands on treatment without the need to remove your clothes, this works to accelerate your body’s healing abilities.

Aromatherapy Massage – carefully selected oils are combined to tackle particular aches, pains and stress or just for a pamper.

Indian Head Massage – aromatic oils are massaged into the upper body and head to tackle stress, sleep problems, migraine and sinus congestion.

Ear Candling – a pleasant and non invasive treatment that helps with sinus congestion, tension headaches and tinnitus.

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage – great manipulation for muscular discomfort and not just those who take part in sport.

Who is Angie Appleton?

Angie Appleton is a fabulous therapist – I know from personal experience, her treatment room is situated just off the beach in Costa Teguise but in a private and tranquil setting where you can relax and listen to the sound of the waves breaking. It’s very important for you to be able to talk honestly to your holistic therapist as they need to understand what’s happening in your life, they need to know if you are stressed, not sleeping, have any health problems, aches and pains etc which is why Angie offers a free consultation so that you can have a talk first to work out which course of treatments would be best for you.

Angie is fully qualified and previously had a holistic practice in the UK before moving to live in Lanzarote during 2007 when her husband Lee took early retirement, she’s a member of the International Council of Holistic Therapists and regularly attends new courses and seminars to keep up to date with the latest techniques and treatments for her clients.

For more information on the holistic treatments available with Angie, please see her website Holistic Therapies Lanzarote which explains the treatments listed above in more detail and the additional range of combination treatments such as:

Head n’ Toes – combine an Indian Head Massage with Reflexology.

Sinus Spring Clean – completely clear your head with a combination of Ear Candling and Facial Massage.

Aroma Reiki or Aroma Reflex – combining the benefits of Reflexology or Reiki with a relaxing Aromatherapy Massage.

Why have treatment in Lanzarote?

If you’re on holiday in Lanzarote you will be relaxed from your normal daily routine and hopefully switched off from work and left any stresses behind at home, this is the best time to gain the most from a holistic treatment. Whilst recharging your vitamin D batteries with the sunshine, optimise that feel good feeling and tackle the inner body too! Lanzarote residents also need to relax and take time out – its not all chilling on the beach, we do have to work too! Angie has monthly special offers to tempt you into trying the full range of treatments – which one’s your favourite?

You can book an appointment on line through her website, or email Angie at angieappleton@gmail.com or by telephone on 928 590 886.