We’re delighted to announce a series of performing arts events taking place over the few months at various venues on the island, and all falling under the banner of Escena, Performing Arts Festival.

This is the most exciting programme of cultural events in Lanzarote’s history, and you’ll see us at several of them.

Here’s a short video to give you a flavour and below, you will find brief details on each. At the bottom of this page, there is a link which will take you to full details and the booking buttons.

Let’s have a look at each by venue:

Jameos del Agua

The incredible Manrique designed auditorium will be the venue for three spectacular events:

October 5th and 6th

Escena Smashed

Smashed –  a performance by Gandini Juggling, who are a British group of circus performers.

Smashed Tickets

January 25th and 26th

Escena Alice

Alice & the Invisible Cities – performed by Onírica Mecánica. This is a new telling of the Alica in Wonderland story using poetry and mechanical devices.

Alice Tickets

March 28th and 29th

Escena Amour

Amour – performed by Marie de Jongh. This is a mask show from the acclaimed Basque group.

Amour Tickets

Cueva de Los Verdes

Concerts are rare at the Green Caves auditorium, which provides a fabulous setting with unique features.

8th and 9th November

Escena Faust

Faust versus Mephistopheles – performed by Pancho Corujo. Acclaimed Lanzarote tenor, Pancho Corujo and his company perform a combination of both operas.

Faust Tickets

27th and 28th December

Escena Flamenco

Faro – performed by Eduardo Guerrero. A Flamenco performance by a maestro of the art.

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MIAC – Castillo San José

MIAC is the restaurant that is part of the Castillo and overlooks the cruise port in Arrecife.

15th February

Escena Duo

A Duo – performed by Hagiografía. A cabaret and music show with dinner.

Casa Museo del Campesino

The house that forms part of the Monumento Campesino area in the centre of the island.

30th November

Escena Bhakti

Bhakti – performed by Monica de la Fuente. Another dinner, and this time with a performance of Indian music and dance.

Bhakti Tickets

Here’s where to get full details and links so you can book your tickets on line: Escena Lanzarote.

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