Emergency Help & Advice Lanzarote

Emergency Help & Advice in Lanzarote

Hopefully you won’t need any of the following, but if you do need emergency numbers, help or advice whilst in Lanzarote here it is!

Emergency call 112

The local emergency telephone number for police, ambulance & fire is 112.

There is a smartphone app called FRESS112 that you can download to your mobile phone. Users should create a profile with their personal information & medical data. Residents and tourists are encouraged to download the App to their mobile phones, your medical information and location will then be transmitted to the emergency services if you need help in the future.

The 112 Freephone number is manned 365 days per year, 24 hours a day and available in five languages Spanish, English, German, Italian and French.

FRESS112 Can Save Lives. You can download the App here: www.fress112.com

British Consulate & Embassy details for Lanzarote

Our British Consulate office is situated in Las Palmas, on the island of Gran Canaria.

If you urgently need help (eg if you’ve been attacked, arrested or lost your passport), call 928 26 25 08.

If you’re in the UK and concerned about a British national in Gran Canaria, Lanzarote or Fuerteventura, call 020 7008 1500 to reach the Emergency Consular Team based in London.

Address: Calle Luis Morote 6-3º, 35007, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Opening Hours: Tuesdays & Fridays 8.30am to 1.30pm

Website: www.ukinspain.fco.gov.uk

Lost or Stolen Passport in Lanzarote

If you have lost or had your passport stolen you need to report it to the local Policía Nacional as soon as possible. If a passport is found locally, it is normally handed in to the police.

If you can’t speak Spanish you will need to have a translator to make the report, they will then issue you with a police report. If you need an urgent replacement for your passport then contact the British Consulate in Las Palmas who will arrange for a consular member of staff to issue an emergency travel document. The Kodak shop in the Deiland Shopping Centre in Playa Honda can take new passport photos in the required format.

Medical Emergency

If you’re just feeling unwell and need medicine or general advice then seek the help of the local pharmacy, they are very good and usually speak English. Drugs are readily available over the counter, this is the only place you can buy pain relief such as Nurofen or Paracetamol and normally come in boxes of 600mg tablets so check the dosage. Antibiotics are now only available by prescription.

You need to be aware of the difference between a farmacia and a parafarmacia. A farmacia has a green cross sign and is authorised to sell medicinal products and fill prescriptions. A parafarmacia has a blue cross sign and sells alternative remedies.

You should be travelling with your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) this together with your passport will entitle you to the equivalent of the NHS emergency service here in Spain, to access the local Centro de Salud (Doctors) and General Hospital in Arrecife for any necessary treatment during your stay. If you need an ambulance call 112.

Centro de Salud Playa Blanca. Av. del Varadero, 35580, Lanzarote. Tel: 928 11 70 02

Centro de Salud Puerto del Carmen.  Calle Juan Carlos I, 35510, Lanzarote. Tel: 928 524 244

Centro de Salud Costa Teguise, C.C. Teguise Greens, Avenida La Palmeras, 35508, Lanzarote.

Hospital Doctor José Molina Orosa, Carretera San Bartolomé KM 1’300, 35500, Arrecife, Lanzarote. Tel: 928 595 000

Residents can call 012 for an appointment at their registered surgery, or use the cita previa online booking service.

For those with private health insurance or travel insurance there are an abundance of private clinics within each of the resorts for treatment and the private hospital called Hospiten is situated on the outskirts of Puerto del Carmen.

Here are some handy phrases for the pharmacy just in case….

Have you something for – tiene algo para….

Toothache – dolor de muelas

Insect bites – picaduras

Stomach ache – dolor de estómago

Food poisoning – intoxicación alimenticia

Headache – dolor de cabeza

Sunburn – quemaduras del sol

Pregnant – embarazada

Death of a UK Citizen in Lanzarote

It is Spanish law that a body must be preserved or embalmed within 48 hours of death. The next of kin will be informed by the authorities to find out if the body is being repatriated to the UK or if there will be a local burial / cremation.

If the deceased is covered by travel insurance the insurers need to be notified immediately, they will make arrangements with a local funeral director to repatriate the body. A special casket is required for the transport along with certificates for the death, embalming and permission to transport the body, arrangements will take 8-10 days.

If the decision is for a local burial or cremation then the next of kin need to contact a local funeral director to make the arrangements. A burial in Spain is normally above ground, the body is placed in a crypt for 5 years unless purchased in perpetuity. Cremations are now more popular and it is much easier to make arrangements to transport the ashes back to the UK. Please note that airline regulations stipulate that ashes must be transported in the cargo hold.

Reporting a Crime in Lanzarote

If you have the misfortune to need to make a denuncia in Lanzarote during a holiday, the 902 102 112 helpline is available in English for complaints relating to the following criminal offences:

* Robberies and thefts

– of and in vehicles

– of documents and personal effects

– in accommodation or establishments

* Missing documents and or personal effects

* Damage

The telephone line can be used to report a theft when a burglary has taken place but not if something has been stolen by someone using intimidation or where the offender is known, in this case you have to appear in person at the police station to make the complaint.

Once you have made the call and completed the complaint details, you will be instructed to visit a designated police station within 48 hours to sign the paperwork.

Help is available in four different languages on 902 102 112 from Monday to Sunday, English & French is manned from 09:00 – 21:00, plus German & Italian from 09:00 – 15:00.

We sincerely hope that you aren’t affected by crime during your holiday in Lanzarote, remember to lock your valuables away in the safe whilst you are out and don’t leave them on show in parked cars.

Injured Wildlife

The Recogida de Fauna Silvestre Accidentada rescues injured wildlife in Lanzarote. Their mobile service is manned from Monday to Sunday 10:00-20:00 during the months of December to August, and 07:15-22:00 during September, October & November. Outside these hours call 112 which is answered 24 hours.

Police in Lanzarote

There are three different police organisations in Spain, all of them are armed. The traffic is monitored by two different police, the Policía Municipal are responsible for traffic control within the towns, outside these areas it becomes the area of the Guardia Civil de Tráfico.

 Policía Guardia Civil

The Civil Guard are responsible for national security they wear a green uniform. The Guardia Civil carry out duties for the Ministry of Defence and the Interior Ministry to protect the public’s safety, Spain’s borders (ports, airports, coastal and land), environmental laws and police traffic.

Telephone: 062

Local Direct Telephone No’s: Costa Teguise 928 592 400, San Bartolomé 928 520 711, Teguise 928 800 847, Tías 928 510 336, Yaiza 928 830 117, Tráfico 928 811 886.

Policía Nacional

The National Police (Cuerpo Nacional de Policía) are responsible for criminal investigations, immigration and identification, they wear either a black or blue uniform. This is the police station if you need to report a crime (denuncia) you can call 902 102 112 for more information, you will have to visit in person to make a report and have a translator with you if you can’t speak Spanish.

Telephone: 092

Local Direct Telephone No’s: Arrecife 928 811 317, Haría 928 835 252, San Bartolomé 928 520 712, Teguise 928 845 252, Tías 928 834 101, Tinajo 928 840 729, Yaiza 928 830 107.

Policía Municipal

The Municipality Police (Policía Local) are responsible to the mayor and ayuntamiento in each local municipality, they take responsibility for local traffic control, minor offences and wear a blue and white uniform.

Telephone: 091

Useful Emergency Phrases

Help – socorro

Can you help me – puede ayudarme

Where is the police station – dónde está la comisaría

I need a report for my insurance – necesito un informe para el seguro

I want to report a theft – quiero denunciar un robo

Other Useful Emergency Numbers:

928 846 001 – Arrecife Airport

928 811 546 – Arrecife Bus Station (Estación de Guaguas)

928 816 312 – Arrecife Fire Station

928 595 000 – Arrecife General Hospital

928 810 100 – Cabildo de Lanzarote

928 812 222 – Cruz Roja (Red Cross)

012 – Doctors Appointment

620 896 185 – Locksmith (Brian from Lanzalocks)

900 202 202 – Seguridad Marítima

1004 – Telefonica (phone company)

928 597 292 – Grúa (breakdown recovery)

901 504 400 – Canal Gestion (Cliente) Water Company Customer Service

928 814 400 – Canal Gestion (Averías) Water Company Emergency Alert

900 500 400 – Unelco Endesa (Averías) Electric Company Emergency Alert

902 508 850 – Unelco Endesa (Cliente) Electric Company Customer Service

676 455 282 – Translator and Paperwork Advice (Guy Buske from A-Z Paperwork)

928 804 153 – Lawyer (Maria José Pérez Callero)

928 520 176 – Taxi (Lanzarote Taxi)

928 810 305 – Tahiche Prison (El Centro Penitenciario de Arrecife)

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