David Cordero: “The Cueva de los Verdes is the perfect place to give life to our contemplative music”

This musician brings to Lanzarote, together with Niño de Elche, a personal proposal of electronic and environmental music with different echoes of flamenco, kraut and psychedelia

On Saturday 3rd February, La Cueva de Los Verdes will stage a very special performance, from David Cordero and Niño de Elche, to close the 2017/18 concert season at the Cueva de los Verdes.

On stage, this unique duo offer something magical. Not in vain, David himself ensures that he chooses very well the places where he performs, since his environmental music merges with the place where he plays and always turns his performance into something different. A unique experience, is exactly what he seeks in a concert. “I do not spend the money to listen to the same thing that I can enjoy in my house, I want something more. An addition that makes this concert something unique, “he says.

David Cordero

Cordero started in music with a musical project framed in post-rock, ‘Úrsula’. But the body asked for something more. Already alone, he evolved towards a search for environmental sounds, always related to electronics. In fact, his latest work, ‘El rumor del oleaje’, could be defined as Home Normal electronics.

He himself hesitates when defining his music. “I think I’m an electronic musician but close to experimentation and ‘ambient’. My music depends a bit on my mood, on where I am, and on how I approach it, but it is environmental music, “he says. “I’m looking for a more leisurely result, pending the textures and the sensations that that sound generates. Sometimes I define it as contemplative music too, I think it’s a good way to classify it. “

The Cueva de los Verdes, a unique place

A couple of years ago, David decided to reduce his concerts so that each one of them contributed something new. “I care a lot about the place where I play my songs because I do not pretend just to offer a concert, but a different experience,” he says. “In this sense, Cueva de los Verdes is the perfect setting. A unique and wonderful place. I knew about the Cave due to its musical history. The first thing that came to my mind was that Brian Eno had performed there, and I said to myself, come on. So I have prepared a different set adapted to the place, ” he says. “I understand this type of performance as something special, a different experience, in a different place … I am looking for the public to live a unique experience.”

Next to him will be on stage, Niño de Elche, otherwise known as Francisco Contreras, an artist who presents unusual artistic proposals, in contact with flamenco but evolved towards kraut and psychedelia. “I have a good relationship with Paco and I think his music is very good and very fresh. It fascinated me and we became friends, and from that friendship comes the idea of ​​acting together and experimenting with our different ways of making music and their fusion, “he says. “I think we both fit very well and there is an offer that allows the viewer to enjoy, from start to finish.”

Cordero is reluctant to classify the result. “You have to see it. Paco has some flamenco, I would not classify it as such, but it is true that his way of singing has that voice and vocal habits, but when we work together … it’s something else. I insist, they have to come and see our lullabies to discover what we are doing, “he explains.

Their lullabies are synonymous with experimentation, ambient, poetry and flamenco, charged with an emotion and an indisputable talent. “By working together, we realised that the concept of a lullaby as a song was perfect, since they are more leisurely themes that connect with the environment which interests us,” he says. “Sometimes it’s intense, sometimes it’s delicate … it’s always brutal. In our previous live performance, I think I can say that the audience enjoyed it, and we as much as them. “

The performance will take place on February 3rd, at 8:00 pm, at Cueva de Los Verdes and you can buy tickets online or at the CACT centres for 20 euros.