I went to the opening of the Dance Festival at the spectacular Jameos del Agua Auditorium on Saturday 3rd March 2018.

The first of 4 dance events included in the Dance Festival, was the award winning performance of Silencio by Daniel Abreu.

Despite the title, there was some musical background to this contemporary dance show. The moments of silence felt uncomfortable for the audience, many could be heard squirming in their seats and whispering to their partners or was it just that we were acutely aware of the sound of silence.

I was in awe of the strength of the dancers, the two women Anuska Alonso and Dácil González in particular conveyed a seemingly effortless, weightlessness as they were manipulated by Daniel Abreu.

Personally for me I most enjoyed the segment of choreography where the dancers were synchronised, plus the finale which left me with questions about what we had just experienced.

The Jameos del Agua is a fabulous setting for these dance shows, it’s a spectacular location by day and impressively illuminated by night. The entrance for the auditorium is situated at the exit, by the gift shop. Please note that this venue isn’t currently suitable for less abled visitors, although a lift is part of the future development plan.

We recommend going early for a pre show drink at one of the bars, our favourite is the sunken Manrique style bar by the pool. The auditorium is situated at the far end of the pool, there are preferred tickets for the first 6 rows, then free seating from row 7 upwards.

corto silencio from Daniel Abreu on Vimeo.

There are 2 more events as part of the Dance Festival in Lanzarote during March & April 2018.

Cul de Sac CACT Lanzarote

17th March Cul de Sac, Asociación KOR’SIA

The physical and mental limitations that go against wishes of fulfilment humans have, are what “Cul de Sac” talks about. This dance takes on a narrative tone to introduce a community of beings stuck in four walls, forced to a social pact, but especially forced to find their freedom deep down inside. Because of its attractive combination of registers and languages, and its reference to narration and performing arts, Cul de Sac is the ideal piece to bring contemporary dance to all audiences.

More information and tickets: Cul de Sac

21st April 2018 All Ways, Compañía de danza Sharon Fridman

We all have before us multiple roads, but only one leads us to ourselves. Maybe freedom means always seeing all the roads available and only taking the one we are meant to follow. The road we travel here crosses five emotional landscapes: loss, search, dream, falling in love and construction. Beyond the pilgrimage awaits the sky, the star, the cosmos… the sense of being suspended in that unfathomable nothingness. Black bird, white dove, it is not fear that lives in the wind. Don’t stray.

The information and ticket link to be confirmed closer to the event.