Cook in Lanzarote offer some specialised cooking classes as well as their tapas and Spanish cuisine classes.

These are fun days out in Lanzarote, and a great alternative from the usual excursions available on the island. They also make for an unusual gift for anyone with an interest in gastronomy.

Sushi Making Course Cook in Lanzarote

Learn all the basics of sushi making in 2 hours!

On Monday, December 11th from 4 pm to 6 pm, learn how to prepare sushis and makis with Sushi Bar Minato’s sushi master.

You’ll start by learning a bit of sushi history and all the secrets of sushi rice making. Then you’ll be making hosomakis, uramakis and futomakis and will learn to cut salmon, tuna fish and local white trevally in order to make nigiri and sashimi.

And you’ll learn all the tips and tricks to eating sushis like Japanese do!

During this cookery course, Arrecife gourmet store Territorio Sibarita will be offering you the wine for free!

French Cuisine Cookery Course

Learn to make a complete French menu in 4 hours!

On Wednesday, December 27th from 10 am to 2 pm, come learn how to prepare classic French dishes.

You’ll learn how to make a chocolate molten cake, the typical onion soup, and an olive tapenade dip. You’ll unveil all secrets of tartar sauce and “Pont-Neuf” style potatoes. And, you’ll discover how to prepare the famous beef tartare like a Chef.

Fish Preparation Course

Cookery class sold out! Contact them if you wish to get on the waiting list for the next one.

Learn all the basics of cooking fish in 4 hours!

On Friday, December 29th from 10 am to 2 pm, come learn how to prepare sole, sardines and tuna fish in different ways.

You’ll learn how to clean a fish and cut it into fillets, make flavourful fish stock, a Spanish marmitako, how to cook unilaterally and comfit any fish and how to make an easy fish spread. You’ll also discover how to prepare and eat the Canarian gofio escaldado.

Please visit for further information about the full range of cooking classes available in Lanzarote.