Come Follow Your Art

On the day that Boris Johnson had to postpone the re-opening of the UK from 21st June to 21st July 2021 Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and several other major players in the live art scene were wringing their hands that theatres would still not be able to open to anything other than severely reduced audience capacities. There was gnashing of teeth and veiled threats and prophesies of doom for the industry I love. Still, come follow your art down the sidetracks and detours of teatros and galleries on Lanzarote, where we are taking small steps, albeit bravely, out into the new world. We have already reported on several concerts over the past few weeks here on Lanzarote Information, and still have reports to come that include a review of a jazz string trio and a discussion on the nominations for the Canary Islands Annual Music. Even with these “in the can” the July calendar for arts and culture has now been announced by The Cabildo.

Even before the end of this month, though, we are looking forward to seeing, for what will be the third time, Bohemia Lanzarote In Concert. The performance is on 26th June at 7.30 pm but only those with tickets pre-booked on line will be allowed entry. Tickets are on sale at the Culturlanzarote web site.

Now in their fourth year, Bohemia Lanzarote presents The Language of the Gods, a musical proposal in which, in addition to interpreting their main repertoire, they will present new songs of other styles and sonorities that move away from the usual line that this formation found has so far taken on its journey.

On stage, they will be accompanied by great artists, colleagues and friends, singers and instrumentalists, who have joined this new proposal of Bohemia Lanzarote, combining an amalgam of styles and musical genres.
Guests will include Maru Cabrera, a contemporary singer writer we have also seen and enjoyed many times- Newer names to us are Jessica Abu, Badel Albelo, Maite Salgueiro, Airam Villegas, Jairo Cabrera, Alex Jiménez, Willy Morales.

I list them all because the list provides evidence of how deeply and diversely Bohemia Lanzarote are prepared to search for artists to help deliver their programme.

The new month of July begins its programme on 2nd at the same venue at 7.00 pm with the same admission policy as above applying to this and all concerts on the current calendar.

Dissolved is a musical produced by ICES and Ubai T. Alemán that will be showing at the theatre in St. Bartolome on 2nd July at 8.00 pm.

Some history books tell that the world was full of life and good humour, that there was something called music and that made the world a place in harmony. But the human being made the biggest mistake he could make: he forgot his own being. The world gradually got sick and everything changed. Today four restless young people embark on an exciting journey that will change the course of this story. You cannot forget your nature, if you look inside, you will remember and wake up. And you? What are you waiting for !!!

On the 9th July we shall be at the theatre in San Bartolome to see an eight o´clock concert by The Arragio Trio as part of the International Music Festival 2021 of The Canary Islands.

However, on the 17th July we will be unable attend a concert back at El Salinero in Arrecife, by the Bavarian Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, which is also part of the International festival. This is an 8.00 pm

Founded in 1990 by young musicians from Augsburg, it is characterized by the strong integration and energy of its members, brought to the stage without the figure of the director and with original programs, among which the commissions and premieres of contemporary music stand out.

They have their own concert series, fundamental in the cultural life of Augsburg. It highlights the figure of the violinist and conductor Reinhard Goebel, who has influenced the trajectory of the Bavarian formation in recent years. Since 2018 the orchestra has enhanced the activity aimed at family and youth audiences, with specific programming in this area.

Reinhard has has toured Europe, the United States, Brazil and Korea. His collaboration with artists such as Dave Brubeck, Chick Corea and Marius Neset is of great importance. The orchestra has also had the opportunity to work with figures such as Leonidas Kavakos, Mstislav Rostropovich, etc., which endorses the excellence of the ensemble.
With more than 20 recordings for major European labels, he has received numerous awards such as the Association for the Promotion of European Business, the Diapason d’Or and the ECHO Klassik.

Among his most recent projects, in 2019 stands out the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Leopold Mozart, with the recording of the Solemn Mass in C, under the direction of Alessandro de Marchi; and in 2020 the recording of three mozart piano concertos with Alexander Schimpf for Cavi Records.

The program will include
J. Turina: The Prayer of the Bullfighter
D. Shostakovich: Chamber Symphony op. 110A
S. Barber: Adagio for strings
J. Williams: Schindler´s List
P. Mascagni’s  Symphonic Intermezzo of Cavalleria Rusticana (Arr.without harpa)
A. Piazzolla: TangoNo. 1 for strings and violinsolo
N. Rota: Love theme

ANY READER attending the concert who would like to share their thoughts with these pages on Lanzareote information should drop an e mail to normanwarwick55@gmail com

If the piece is then published I will make sure that is fully attributed, of course, so you may also wish to include a short autobio and a jpeg of yourself.

We will be looking forward to making a swift return to the trail, though, on 22nd July, to hear The Frieberg Baroque Orchestra in the fabulous and mind-boggling auditorium in the caves of Javeos Del Agua. This is one of the outstanding ensembles of today in historicist interpretation, with an international reputation acquired in more than 30 years of performing and recording.

So you can follow your art quite literally. Although the sooner you book then the easier it is and tickets can be reserved quite easily at Programming – Culture Lanzarote

On the other hand you can also follow your art, metaphorically, from the comfort of your armchair, simply by continuing to read these pages which always deliver on their promise to provide Lanzarote Information about what´s on Lanzarote !

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