Many tourists visit Lanzarote for their well being, not just a holiday. We are seeing an increase in visitors who are exhausted and stressed out from their daily routine, and are seeking treatments during their stay on the island to improve their health.

Mercedes Ramiro has opened the first colon hydrotherapy centre in Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote and is looking to expand her service to include tourists, not just residents on the island.

Mercedes Ramiro

We asked Mercedes to explain why clients are seeking this kind of treatment at her natural therapy centre in Lanzarote what the benefits are:

Today, food, stress, physical inactivity as well as environmental factors, and especially our lifestyle, lead us to a state of imbalance in our bodies. The colon (also known as your large intestine) is intimately related to our physical and mental well-being. This organ can be affected by all of these circumstances, producing small alterations of our digestive functions to more serious ailments that seriously compromise our health.

We use Ozono in the treatment which oxygenates the whole body, It has a great alkalising, bactericide, antioxidant and rejuvenating effect.

The benefits to having colon hydrotherapy include:
Improves digestive problems
Stimulates the immune system
Improves circulatory problems, rheumatic conditions & fibromyalgia
Revitalise and increase your energy
Improves migraines, allergies and intolerances
Reduces tiredness and stress
Helps to balance your body and improve your general health

Natural Therapy Centre Arrecife Lanzarote

For more information please contact Mercedes:


Telephone: 695 17 69 42


Facebook: Mercedes-Ramiro-Centro-de-Terapias-Naturales

Address: C/ Domingo Ramírez Ferrera, Nº3 ,Primer piso, Puerta 6, Arrecife, 35500, Lanzarote