Lanzarote is a fabulous place to learn and practice Spanish. People from all the different Spanish speaking nationalities live on the island, so you will absolutely have the chance to practice the language on plenty of occasions, even learning a few of the local words, like “guagua” meaning “bus”, “papas arrugadas” “a typical local dish” or “´ta luego”, which you´ll be hearing all the time and means “see you later”.

Co Co Lingua Language School, located in Yaiza, offers a unique approach to language learning. Students learn in a practical environment, with the focus on oral skills and conversation. They also tie in social aspects with their courses, which means you learn so much about the culture and social norms.

Combine one of their language courses with a stay in Lanzarote and you’ll not only have a great time, but you’ll also return home with new skills!

Intensive Course

For example, their one week intensive course includes lessons every morning, followed by a choice of afternoon visits as a group, which include Fundacion Cesar Manrique, a wine tour and a visit to La Graciosa among others, and for families, fun activities like a trip on the submarine or a horse riding experience.

Short Course

Alternatively, you can enjoy one or two days of Spanish lessons, again with activities in the afternoon, building on what you have learned in the morning.


We’ve teamed up with Co Co Lingua to help with accommodation for couples or families taking part in their courses. We can arrange for any type of accommodation, from rural apartments to five star hotels to make sure your learning experience will be rounded with the perfect stay on this unique island.


There is no better way to learn a language than to experience it in a real context and the lessons complemented by the afternoon activities are designed to reinforce your learning experience and make it unforgettable.

It’s an excellent idea, so consider combining your next visit to Lanzarote with one of these courses – your experience of Lanzarote will be enhanced by being able to chat like a local!

You can see all the details on their website: Co Co Lingua.