There is a concert at Cueva de los Verdes this weekend. It’s a rare event, and even if the music isn’t for you, it’s worth a visit for the incredible atmosphere. The details below are from the Island’s tourism authority.
Ensemble Kegelstatt, a young perspective of classical music
The Gran Canaria quartet will offer this Saturday at Cueva de los Verdes a concert with pieces by Mozart and Schumann, to which they bring a very personal touch
Music lovers have a new appointment at the Cueva de los Verdes Auditorium, this Saturday, December 1, at 8:00 pm, with Ensemble Kegelstatt, a group that despite its names, consists of four Canarian musicians.
They are Alejandro Piñeiro (violin), Lara Cabrera (viola), Juan Pablo Alemán (violoncello) and Moraya Sánchez (piano), four young but expert musicians who put their stamp on their performances.
And is that, despite their youth, they all have long careers and an exquisite training in the world of music. The addition they bring to the show resulting from their performances, is their own perspective, a current touch for a classical repertoire.
The origin of the group goes back to the times when they were trained in the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria, about a decade ago. “Then we were very young, but the germ of the group was born there. First we were a trio of viola, clarinet and piano, later we went through different types of ensembles, viola, piano and violin and other variations … so until two years ago when we joined the four of us and, since then, we have not stopped playing as a quartet. The truth is that the group works very well and we are very happy with the result “, explains Lara Cabrera.
Greater musical training, unfinished business
For this young music, one of the great struggles for all music lovers is to get classical music to the youngest. “It’s a real battle pending for people who are dedicated to cultural programming and for the musicians themselves. It is frankly complex to reach young people and I think it is an education problem, “he says. “You have to train children in schools to understand and appreciate classical music,” he says, acknowledging, in any case, that yes there are young people, but because many have gone through the conservatory and have been trained, although not It is the generality. “Our potential audience is formed by music lovers, by experts in music and, therefore, is very demanding with the product that will consume. We always try to give our best. “
Lara points out that the soundtrack of many classics, and even the great majority of Disney’s children’s films, is made up of classical music themes. “If children and young people do not appreciate it, it is often due to ignorance,” he adds. “I insist that the key is education, with a good education, everything would be simpler”.
The Cave of the Greens, an added incentive
This Saturday the Cueva de los Verdes will put on its best clothes to receive them. “This Saturday we will play the Quartet with piano number 1 in G minor, by Mozart, which is the best known and famous for chamber music, and also the quartet with piano in E flat major op. 47 by Robert Schumann, which, in my opinion, and according to experts, is one of the most difficult and richest quartets with piano “, he explains.
For Lara, playing in the Cueva de los Verdes Auditorium is an added incentive to the show. “If the beauty of classical music and the fact that we are a young group that brings their particular perspective of classical themes, you add a scenario like the Cueva de los Verdes, the result always improves,” he says. “I had already played, with another group, in Cueva de los Verdes and I remember it as a very positive experience. This type of festivals, in my opinion, contribute a lot to the diffusion of classical music and that is done in a place like this auditorium is fundamental to attract a more varied audience and not only classical music lovers. Many people come to see us for enjoying a different experience and, in this case, I believe in a unique place. “
And the link to buy is ensemble-kegelstatt