Ryanair offers more flights to Lanzarote from UK and Ireland than any other airline, and also serves on several routes to the Spanish mainland.

They have announced a change to their baggage policies, which takes effect from 1st November. The problem they have currently is that their flights are running at over 95% full, and it means their Boeing 737-800’s simply don’t have enough locker space aboard to carry everyone’s hand luggage. Trying to solve the problem of getting all the bags aboard has resulted in late flight departures recently.

There are two parts to the new policy:

Hold Luggage Price Reduced

The airline has reduced the cost of taking a hold suitcase with you from £35 to £25 for a 20KG suitcase. The old 15KG option has gone. This is to encourage more people to take a suitcase.

Hand Luggage Changes

Currently, Ryanair allow you to take one 10KG bag, within certain dimensions and one small hand bag aboard the aircraft.

Under the new rules, you will still be allowed to take both through security, but when you get to the gate, your larger bag will be taken from you and put into the aircraft hold. There is no charge for this. The only downsides are that you won’t have access to that case during the flight, and you’ll have to wait for it to come through on the luggage carousel once you’ve landed.

You can avoid this happening by choosing priority boarding, at a typical cost of £5, and then you will be guaranteed to get both bags into the aircraft cabin.

What does it all mean?

1/ You’ll save money in future if you normally take a 20KG suitcase.

2/ As long as you pay for Priority boarding, you should have plenty of room for your hand luggage, and not end up with it above row 12, when your seat is in row 3.

3/ Flights are more likely to get away on time, because people will be seated faster.

4/ People who choose not to pay for priority boarding will have their bags placed in the hold, so they will need to make sure they take out the things they need for the flight before they reach the gate.



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