Picturesque Charco de San Ginés

Clubs & Charity Organisations in Lanzarote

Lanzarote has a great community spirit and can offer a variety of clubs and organisations to get involved with. Whether you want to sing, dance, play sport, meet new friends, raise money for good causes and much much more. SARA Animal Protection Society SARA are a registered charity for rescued or abandoned dogs and cats…

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Public Holidays

Annual fiestas in Lanzarote

Did you know that April is the only month of the year that Lanzarote does not have a fiesta? Below is the annual calendar of fiesta dates for the island of Lanzarote. These fiestas are where you can see some of the traditional Canarian costumes and music, look out for the romería (procession) and verbena…

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Fundacion Cesar Manrique

The Fundación César Manrique is based in Taro de Tahíche, the building was the former residence of César Manrique from 1968 until it became their headquarters in 1992. This property really reflects the concept that Manrique created, a wonderful mixture of the natural environment and modern design. Architect Frei Otto said that Taro de Tahiche “it is…

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Arrieta Lanzarote

A Quick Guide To The Non- Resort Places In Lanzarote

Lanzarote’s three resorts are famous, but there are some stunning non-resort areas on the island too. Here’s a very quick run down of places you should investigate on your travels around Lanzarote: ARRECIFE Many visitors will shy away from venturing into the busy capital of Lanzarote. Where else can you find a busy city with…

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Castillo San José, Arrecife

Arrecife has two castles on the waterfront, Castillo San José is situated overlooking Puerto Naos. This castle was built between 1776 and 1779 as ordered by King Don Carlos III. It was positioned at the port to look out for pirates and known locally as the ‘Fortress of Hunger’, because the construction helped to provide…

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