The government announced details today of the first stage of de escalation from the lockdown.

For the first time since 14th March, starting this Saturday 2nd May, adults will be allowed out to get some exercise and enjoy the island.

During the press conference, it was stressed that as we start to get back to some normal mobility, we still need to observe social distancing and we need to guard against doing anything that could endanger the at risk elderly population.

Individual responsibility will protect our health.

Updated 1100 1st May 2020. The BOE has come out, and there are some changes to what was said. Update below. 

Here are the rules that take effect from 0000 on May 2nd for people 14 years or older:

  • A daily walk with a person from the same household or a dependant person, a maximum of 1KM radius from home OR
  • Individual sport – run, bike ride etc, but this must be done alone and within your municipality. You cannot drive to start your exercise.

The activity has time slots and you can stay out for your full time slot if an adult. For children, they are still limited to one hour:

  • For most people, either between 0600 and 1000 or between 2000 and 2300
  • For people taking a dependant person (caregiver) or for those over 70 years, they can go out between 1000 and 1200 or 1900 and 2000
  • For children under 14, accompanied by a parent, their walking “slot” is now 1200 until 1900, but only for one hour, with one parent and up to three children from the same household

The timings are aimed at keeping the three groups apart.

It’s recommend to wear a mask, apart from when doing sports,  and everyone should keep two metres apart from others.

For municipalities with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants, there is less risk and they can go out any time from 0600 until 2300.

The lowest municipal population of Lanzarote is Haria, which has 5123 inhabitants as of 2019 (Datos de Lanzarote) so we presume the first set of rules applies across the island.

Social distancing must be maintained in all these activities if citizens come across other people, and the minister stressed again to continue regular and thorough hand washing.

You can see the phases of the deconfinement plan here: The Road Out Of Lockdown.