Socialists With Strong Showing In Lanzarote

The PSOE, the socialist party currently in power, did well once again in Lanzarote in Sunday’s election. The won 6 of the island’s 7 municipalities, with only Tinajo voting for CC, Coalicion Canarias. Overall on the island, the CC was in second place, with Partido Popular, the more conservative of the main parties having a very poor showing. On a national level, the PSOE will now be agreeing deals with other parties and will remain in government. The recently formed far right party Vox failed to get a deputy voted into the Canarian parliament, and showed poorly in the national elections.

Guardia Civil Get Tough On Abandoned Cars And Illegal Fish

The police are currently running a campaign to rid the islands of abandoned cars parked on public roads. Owners face large fines for leaving cars on roads once their ITV has expired. They are also seeking our fishermen who are selling catches of illegal fish in some areas, often storing them unhygienically prior to sale.

Lanzarote Tourism Attends London Marathon Show

The tourism department attended the Virgin London Marathon show, selling the island as a sports destination. The show was attended by around 80,000 people in the lead up to the event.

Record Number Of Cars On The Island

2018 saw the number of vehicles on Lanzarote’s roads hit an all time high of just under 130,000. 2018 may be “peak car” for Lanzarote, as it is expected that worldwide car numbers may start to fall due to car sharing schemes and increasingly available autonomous vehicles.

Access To Shipwreck Prohibited

The Telamon, the shipwreck near the water works in Arrecife has been fitted with a barrier, preventing access to vessels and divers and notices have been placed on it telling people not to access the ship for safety reasons. Here’s the story of the ship: Lanzarote’s shipwreck.

New Heliport For Arrecife

The security and emergency consortium is building a new heliport in Arrecife. It will be built, at a cost of €70,000 next to the consortium building and the general hospital. There is currently an area there where helicopters can land, but the new heliport will have lighting, allowing operation at night, and also a security perimeter which means the aircraft can stay overnight – not previously possible.





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