Local publishing house Editorial Siete Islas is casting several people for a photo shoot to promote their novel “El pacto de las viudas” (The Widows Pact) by Víctor Álamo de la Rosa. In total they are looking for seven women and four men to portrait the characters of the book in a photo shoot that will take place in Lanzarote on the 8th of June.


The aim of the session is to come up with four or five compositions based on the characters of the novel to create graphic material to promote the book.

The photographer will be Ismael Martín who has already photographed the publishing house promotional material in the past. The make-up arsits is Yanire Ezcurra, with the collaboration of Que lo haga Rita Eventos.

The photographs taken will be used to promote the book in different ways : book-trailer, press releases, social media, the making of posters, television, etc. and also on the photographer’s website.

The chosen people for the casting will given the book and their best photographs taken during the session. The names of the models will be included in the press releases and they will do their best that every time that their photograph is publish in any media, their name is mentioned too.

These are the profiles of people been cast:
– A total of seven women between the ages of 30 and 60 years old, different heights, weights and hair colour.
– A total of four men between the ages of 20 and 40 years old, tall and toned.

If you are interested, please email the publishing house with the subject: CASTING EL PACTO DE LAS VIUDAS and please include the following details:

Where you live
Phone number
Whether you are available to be in Lanzarote on the 8th of June, 2019

Also, you should include a couple of photos to proof that you fit the profile required: a face shoot and a full body shoot, women should be dressed in black and men in swimming gear.

So if you are interested, whether you are a resident or you will be in the island on that day, please email editorialsieteislas@gmail.com before the 25th of May, 2019.

It certainly sounds like fun and something different to do!

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